Commissions Guidance

How it works 

  • You fill in the commission form with your ideas. 
  • I will email you a confirmation email and to ask any follow-up questions I may have about your piece. 
  • You send your reference photos via secure WhatsApp message. 
  • Once we have clarified how you would like everything, you will pay a non-refundable 50% deposit to cover materials and secure the painting time.
  • I will start painting your portrait!
  • Once I have finished the painting I will send you a preview for you to confirm that you are happy with your piece before posting.
  • Upon receiving the remaining 50% commission + shipping fee, I will send your finished piece via Royal Mail tracked delivery. 
  • Display and enjoy :)


Form guidance

Colour palette - I work in abstract colours - pinks, purples, blues, sometimes green, yellow etc as a complimentary colour. Feel free to reference one of my previous nude studies if you like the colour scheme, or send me some examples of tones of colours that you like via web link or file upload. If you’re not sure where to start it can be as simple as saying “I love pastel colours” “mostly blues and purples” “no pink” or “pink as the primary colour”. 

Inspiration - what is inspiring you to have the commission painted? Is there a particular asset you’d like to focus on? Are you pregnant and would like a bump painting to remember this special time in your life, have you just had a mastectomy and are grateful for your body or are you simply feeling beautiful and want to capture a moment to last forever etc. 

Reference painting: upload any reference photos you wish me to see and write in the additional notes what it is you like about them. Please do not include a portrait reference photo at this time - sensitive images should be sent after booking confirmation via secure message. 

Additional information: Be specific and get creative! You can include information about and descriptions of scars, moles, birthmarks, piercings, skin tones, tattoos*, freckles, markings, vitiligo, breast size & nip size etc that you wish to be highlighted. Just add these into the additional information section. 

*Please bear in mind that I do not paint detailed tattoos - the tattoos will be presented in the painting as an important part of your anatomy (unless otherwise requested) but I do not replicate each design in detail. 

If you would like to purchase a voucher as a gift for a loved one then please select this option.



All commissions are painted with acrylics on quality canvas board or deep edge canvas (depending on your selection), ready to be framed, by artist Josie Grant. The piece you receive will be the original.

Painting time is estimated to be between 2-4 weeks. You will be notified when your painting is dispatched.

Each piece is posted via Royal Mail tracked delivery and will be safely packaged for transport. 

Subject to commission style, prints are available of your original artwork, just message me to add this to your order.

Note: Colours may vary between screen and print as different monitors show colours differently.

Not what you're looking for?

More of my art can be found on my Instagram @josiegrant_art or in my webshop.


Guidance on choosing a photo


When choosing a reference photo make sure to consider the lighting - the shadows in the painting will match the placement of the shadows in your photo so try and go for something where the lighting is how you want it in the painting. Try not to choose an image with too much deep shadow as this will be reflected  in the painting. Lighting should be good but equally with some shadow or contrast will give your piece some interesting variations.


A “good pose” is any which you think shows off your best assets and makes you feel good - whether that be standing, sitting or lying down. All different positions* make the portrait interesting and if you have a few that you like but can’t decide, send them all and I can help you to choose which one will translate well to paint. *Please do not include close ups of genitalia in the photo as this will not be painted in great detail.

Every body is beautiful and our flaws make us all a unique work of art - but if you have any parts that you would like to be left out of your portrait just let me know. 


Privacy and Protection 

All reference images are kept strictly confidential. Please note that for privacy purposes each commissioned piece must be from the person whose body will be painted, or with the appropriate permissions along with a photo of a valid UK ID proving that you are over the age of 18. 

Please try to avoid including faces in the reference photos - the piece is for a nude study and will focus on the body from the neck down (see example portraits), if a face is included in the photo it will be cropped out at the neck or somewhere suitable for the piece. 

I use Whatsapp for nude commissions because it has end-to-end encryption and is therefore a secure way to send sensitive images. I will add you on Whatsapp using the mobile phone number you provide in your commission request. All photos sent will only be seen by myself for the purposes of creating your portrait and will be deleted upon completion of the piece. 

By purchasing you comfirm that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions.