About Josephine

Black and white image of artist Josie Grant

Josephine Grant is a printmaker residing on the ruggedly beautiful coast of North Devon, with her young family drawing inspiration from the ever-changing landscape around her.. From an early age, Josie was captivated by the arts and has been painting and drawing since she was old enough not to eat the paint (and a bit before!). 

In 2021, Josephine began selling her artworks, painting and selling her vibrant and empowering portraits, along with her highly sought-after abstract collection, Squares of Joy, which quickly sold out. In the spring of 2022 Josephine's artistic path took a significant turn when she discovered the world of printmaking. She embraced the discovery, leaving behind her brushes in favour of the chisel and gouge. Under the mentorship of local printmaker Merlyn Chesterman, Josephine began exploring her profound fascination with this medium and has since featured on Sky Arts programme, Bill Bailey's Master Crafters: The Next Generation! as an emerging artist in the discipline of woodblock printmaking.

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Josephine has a deep love for wild places, which extends beyond the coast, drawing her to the moors and untamed landscapes that surround North Devon. She often escapes to the trees to forest bathe and spend time among the quiet of the woods around her. She frequently forages for treasures, whether it be mushrooms, sea purslane, or samphire, alongside her husband and son. 

This connection to the natural world led Josephine back to the coast, where she now revisits the childhood experiences of daily wild swimming in rivers and the sea, sharing these adventures with her own children.